Let’s discuss different patent forms available at Indian Patent Office and purpose of each form-

  1. Application for Grant of Patent: Form -01
  2. Provisional/Complete Specification: Form -02
  3. Statement and Undertaking Under Section 8 :Form -03
  4. Request for Extension of Time: Form- 04
  5. Declaration as to Inventorship : Form -05
  6. Claim or Request Regarding any Change in Applicant for Patent: Form 06
  7. Notice of Opposition :Form 07
  8. Representation for Opposition to Grant of Patent : Form 07A
  9. Claim or Request Regarding Mention of Inventor as Such in a Patent : Form -08
  10. Request for Publication : Form -09
  11. Application for Amendment of Patent : Form -10
  12. Application for Direction of The Controller: Form -11
  13. Request for Grant of Patent Under Section 261 and 522: Form -12
  14. Application for Amendment of The Application for Patent/Complete Specification: Form -13
  15. Notice of Opposition to Amendment / Restoration / Surrender: Form -14
  16. Application for Restoration of Patent: Form- 15
  17. Application for Restoration of Title/Interest: Form -16
  18. Application for Compulsory License: Form -17
  19. Request/Express Request for Examination of Application for Patent: Form -18
  20. Application for Revocation of a Patent for Non Working: Form -19
  21. Application for Revision of Terms And Conditions of License: Form -20
  22. Request for Termination of Compulsory License: Form -21
  23. Application Registration of Patent Agent: Form -22
  24. Application for The Registration of Name in The Register of Patent Agents: Form -23
  25. Application for Review/setting Aside Controller Decision/Order: Form -24
  26. Request for Permission for Making Patent Application Outside: Form -25
  27. Authorization of a Patent Agent/Or any Person in a Matter or Proceeding Under The Act: Form -26
  28. Statement Regarding the Working of the Patented Invention on Commercial Scale in India: Form -27
  29. To Be Submitted By Small Entity / Startup: Form -28
  30. Request For Expedited Examination Of Application For Patent: Form -18A
  31. Request For Withdrawal Of The Application For Patent: Form -29
  32. To Be Used When No Other Form Is Prescribed: Form -30

Fees Schedule by IPO for filing the patent forms

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