Copyright Registration Process

The copyright registration includes:

1.Filing Application​: The copyright application can be made by applying physically in the copyright office or through speed/registered post; or through e-filing facility available on the official website of Copyrights Office (​​).

There should be one application for one work.
Each application in Form IV should be accompanied by the requisite fee prescribed in the second schedule to the Rules.
Fee ranges from 500 INR to 40,000 INR, depending on the form of work. The fee can either be in the form of Demand Draft or Indian Postal Order favouring “Registrar of Copyright Payable at New Delhi” or through E-payment.

2. Examination​: Once the application is filed, a diary number is received.
There is a provision of a mandatory wait period of 30 days, so that “No Objection” is filed against the claim made by the author. If some objection is filed against the copyright claim, then it may take one more month. The Registrar of Copyrights gives both the parties an opportunity of hearing the matter. After the decision on the ownership or if the objection is rejected, the application goes for scrutiny. The applicant is asked to remove any discrepancy if found; within 30 days.

3. Registration​: On further submission of documents, if the Copyright Registrar, is completely satisfied with the completeness and correctness of the claim made in the application, he shall enter the particulars of the copyright in the register of copyrights and further issue a Certificate of Registration. Registration completes when the applicant is issued with the copy of entries made in the Register of Copyrights.



Copyright Registration

  • ●  Literary Work (​logos, books, periodicals and magazines and alike)​- Rs 10000/-

  • ●  Dramatic, Musical or Artistic work (​videos, audio recording and cinematography

    films​)- Rs 12000/-

    Turnaround Time- 2 days- 5 days



  1. Filing of a Copyright Form by the applicant based on which we will be filing

    Form IV at the Copyright Office.

  2. Once, the forms and the copies of the work are received we can go for


  3. Once form IV is prepared online, we will be sending it to the client for


  4. Submitting the signed Form IV online.

  5. Sending hard copies of ​1 hard copy (print) of “Acknowledgement Slip” and

    1 hard copy (print) of “Copyright Registration Form​ copyright work to the

    Copyright office.

  6. Receiving a dairy number from the Copyright office and ​30 days mandatory

    waiting time for any objections

  7. Prosecution of the Copyright

    In case of Objections:

  1. In the case of any objection, a letter is sent to both the parties and are heard in front of the Registrar of Copyright.

  2. If the objection is suspended then a verification is done by the Examiner.

Finally, the application is approved by the registrar, after which a certificate is issued.

Note: ​All kinds of literary and artistic works, ​computer program, and even websites can be copyrighted.​ Computer Software or program can be registered as a ‘literary work’.

Registration Process for Unpublished Work

  • ●  I​f the unpublished work is to be registered,