Patent Drafting

IPR studio has multi-domain highly experienced, skilled and innovative patent attorneys and experts for drafting Patent Applications. Our experts draft patent applications for various jurisdiction like Indian Patent Office (IPO), United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), Malaysian Intellectual Property Office (My IPO) and the various EPOs (European Patent Offices) and alike. 

We provide provisional and non-provisional patent drafting support services to companies, individuals, entrepreneurs, inventors, start-ups in different technology backgrounds and geographies. We work directly and with collaborating attorneys of the clients with our focus on quality, cost-consciousness and personal satisfaction of the client.

Why Us?

We believe drafting a patent application is very crucial as it is not just a “certificate” it is your chance of “earning royalty“.  Also, the exclusive right granted for what is claimed in the patent draft. Thus it is very important that the patent application to drafted by technological experts. We have an experienced team of patent drafters who have drafted several patent applications in different technological domains.

Our patent drafters have a blend of technical and legal knowledge. Their technical acumen enables them to understand the technology, its technical implications, and the legal expertise enables him to bind the technical aspects in a legal structure and to protect its value as per the rules and guidelines specified by the patent office.

We also conduct client meetings and calls for a better understanding of our client’s requirement. We also regularly update the client on the progress of the project and incorporate the iterations suggested by the client even after the completion of the draft. 

As a mandatory process of compliance, we make sure all our drafted patent applications are reviewed by an attorney/agent licensed to practice before the respective patent office in which the patent is to be filed and shall not be deemed to be complete until such review is completed.

We have a flexible competitive price model along with quick turn around time as we work around the client’s deadline.

Our Strategy

  • Thorough understanding of the invention disclosure form
  • Marking the important elements of the invention
  • Discussing with the inventor.
  • Claim Drafting
    1. First Set of claim preparation
    2. Review and suggestions by the inventor
    3. Incorporating the Inventor’s inputs
    4. Sending to the inventor for the review for approval
    5. Repeating step 2,3 and 4 till client’s approval
    6. Final claims prepared after the final client approval.
  • Drafting Specification
    1. Incorporation of all the embodiments and illustrations
    2. Claim Enablement
  • Sending the complete draft for multiple reviews.
  • Seeking an attorney review ( if applicable)
  • Sending the patent draft to the client
  • Incorporating suggestions from the client/ attorney
  • Preparing the final draft.

Types of Patent Drafts

  1. Provisional Patent Drafting

  2. Non- Provisional Patent Drafting

  3. PCT Application Draft

  4. Patent Draft Vetting and Review

  5. Claims Drafting

  6. Preparation of Drawings

  7. Specification Preparation/Formatting

  8. National Phase Draft Preparation