Prior Art / Novelty Searches

Prior art searches are also known as Novelty searches / Patentability search. These searches enable an inventor to check the novelty and non-obviousness of his invention before applying for “patent”.

Why conduct Prior art search?

To ensure the invention is novel and new over the already existing prior art;

To evaluate disclosure of the invention in terms of technology;

To assess the benefits of the invention;

To provide clarification on why and whether to file the patent?;

To distinguish between state of the art and the inventive step of the present invention;

To reduce R&D investment and generate new ideas for R&D

Thus, before applying for a patent, the inventor/applicant assesses the technological status of the invention with respect to development in the field and analyzes any similar invention already exists in the prior art and how can he solve the problem associated with existing technology with his invention.

We at IPR Studio provide a detailed search report indicate the chances of success in obtaining a patent. Our Patentability opinion also helps researchers, innovators, lawyers and IP leaders in making more efficient and profitable decisions.

Our Search Report

At IPR Studio, we believe that a good search report has both relevant results (Narrow results) and related results (Broad results).


We provide customized services to meet the customer’s specific needs along with intensive client involvement and interaction.We aim at delivering your search results in a customized format ranging from a full report to a comparative feature matrix, verbal report, or any other delivery mechanism as requested by the client.

Turnover Time- 3-5 days


Highlighted copies of references
Word report
Excel report

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