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We at IPR Studio believe that ideas are valuable and protecting it is the toughest job of an inventor. Be it patent services. trademark registration or any other intellectual property right requirement. our dedicated group of professionals protects the unique needs of the inventor’s IP boutique by providing state of the art services to shield, secure, protect and enforce your intellectual property across the globe.


Do you have a new product, a new method, or a new use for something then to protect your innovative idea with our patent filing services.

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Wondering to protect your logo, company name, or brand name then you must register a trademark. Know more about it clicking button below.

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Do you want to protect your original creations from copying then register a copyright from your literary and artistic work.

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We facilitate customized IP based services for Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, individual entrepreneurs, inventors, non-profit organizations, universities,Fortune 500 companies, leading technology consulting firms, R&D and IP departments in multinational corporations, corporate law firms, research institutes etc.

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IPR Studio facilitates varoius strategic services to protect “creation of innovative minds” of entrepreneurs, inventors and making it easier for them to start their business. We help entrepreneurs and inventors by offering them the right protection for their Intellectual Property complying the legal and regulatory requirements.


IPR Studio has a team domain experts serving in various fields of science and technology including food science, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, semiconductors , mechanical networking, video, electrical, electromechanical, computer systems, hardware and software, business methods, fiber optics, integrated circuits, global positioning systems, storage systems, digital televisions and camera and automotive applications and alike domains.

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IPR Studio has helped me and my team with Trademark registration in India. She is a true team player and fun to work with as she always hears out the challenges you’re facing & provides workable solution to them. I wish her all success in future.

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If you need to discuss your queries related to protecting your “creation of minds” feel free to contact us by directly messaging at or call us at 9999471384

Pre Grant Opposition

Pre Grant Opposition PRE GRANT OPPOSITION Read MORE PRE GRANT OPPOSITION Most frequent questions and answers What is Pre grant Opposition? Pre grant opposition gives any person the opportunity to oppose the grant of a patent after the publication of the patent application.

Inventions Non Patentable

Inventions falling within the scope of Section 3 and section 4 of Patents Act 1970 are not patentable in India. Get in touch with a patent agent or a patent attorney to find out if your invention falls within it.