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IPR Studio offers an experienced team of Intellectual Property veterans anaylyzes subject matte in-depth and gudies you with best Intellectual Property Strategies.the strategies to protect your Intellectual Property. IPR Studio maintain the highest standards of quality, confidentiality, and accountability.

Who Are We?


IPR Studio is an intellectual property consultancy operated by IPR enthusiasts devoting their practice to protect “creation of innovative minds” in the form of Patent, Trademark, Copyrights and Industrial Design.

At IPR Studio, we believe that ideas are valuable and protecting it is the toughest job of an inventor. Thus, our dedicated group of professionals protects the unique needs of the inventor’s IP boutique by providing state of the art services to shield, secure, protect and enforce your intellectual property across the globe.

We facilitate various strategic services to protect an Industrial Property by means of filing patents, registering trademarks, industrial designs and geographical indications and protecting literary work and artistic work by filing copyright. If you desire or defend or enforce your intellectual property, IPR Studio provides cost-effective solutions.

IPR Studio possesses a large in-house team of experienced relationship managers and searchers having vast experience in intellectual property protection, defense, and enforcement scenarios. Our team includes many trademark agents and attorneys, patent agents and attorneys, or former patent examiners, as well as former practicing engineers and scientists having advanced degrees in their respective technology.

IPR Studio also possesses strategic alliances with a number of patent attorneys, trademark attorneys, and law firms throughout the globe we can readily provide numerous additional customized legal services for your business, corporate and litigation needs.

IPR Studio capably and efficiently meets the requirements of large and small businesses alike in intellectual property, corporate and business matters.

Our passion for inventions motivates us forward.

We beileve in providing quality intellectual property services to our clients at cost effective prices.








Our IP Departments

Patent Department

Patent Searching 

Patent Drafting 

Patent Prosecution

Patent Filing

Trademarks Department

Trademark Searching

Trademark Registration 

Trademark Prosecution

Trademark Renewal


Other IP Department

Copyright  Registartion 

Industrial Design registration

Our Startegy

Understanding Cleint's Requirements

  • We belive in understanding your business and IP.
  • Inorder to provide quality work , we understand the client requirements by stepping into his shoes .

IP Operations

  • Develping an IP strategy for your project, after understant the your requiremnts, .
  • Execution of the IP strategy for your project by our team of techno legal experts.

Dilligence Check

  • A thorough analysis of technical details to ensure that the qulaity of delieverable project meets the client requirements.

Delivery and Feedback

  • Delievery of the project to the client within the stipulated time.​
  • Incorportaion of the client Feedback.
  • Closing the project and raising invoice

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