TOP 3 Weird inventions this month ! - March 2022

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Historically, patents are not just abstract concepts, for they have played an invaluable and practical role in everyday life of the common masses, at large. By rewarding ideas, patents encourage the development of innovations and new technologies in every field. As pointed out by the WIPO, innovation knows no bounds and thus, a patent idea can only be limited by the human imagination ! Here is a record of the weirdest and the most transmogrifying patent ideas throughout the modern-day history.

Fragrance generator for smartphone

Though the global perfume market size was estimated at USD 32.50 billion in 2019, there appears to be a lot of undiscovered terrain for extended applications of fragrant products and processes. Invented by Kim Young-taek, the “Fragrance generator for smartphone” (Patent application number KR20060036615A titled “Mobile telecommunication terminal diffusing fragrance and method thereof”) provides for a mobile terminal and a method for emitting a fragrance such that a specific fragrance selected by a user is emitted from a mobile terminal of the counterpart while a call is made with a remote party through a mobile terminal. While it may sound exciting and weird at the same time, the purported benefits of this invention might actually be very effective, especially for regular consumers of alcohol and tobacco products, more for the people around them allergic to the smell !

Fig. The fragrance generator for smartphone

The patent was awarded to SK Telecom Co., Ltd in 2011.

An Edible Card !

While the current annual retail sales of greeting cards are estimated between $7 and $8 billion every year in the US alone, it is a characteristic of the greeting card that it expresses all the human emotions, joy, thanks, sympathy, humor, love and admiration. It allows us to connect on an emotional level with the people who have touched our lives. However, it will definitely sound like an exaggeration of humorous thoughts if people started ‘eating’ the cards itselves ! Invented by Cristofaro Francois Di, the “Edible Card” (French Patent Application No. FR2837356A1) is an actually eatable card like a postcard, business card, invitation card, characterized in that it consists of a sheet of unleavened bread at least one side of which is covered, preferably entirely, with a thin and flexible layer of color printing consisting of an edible and tasty preparation.

Fig. The edible card !

The patent was granted to the company CRACOCARTE in 2005.

Head mounted “M”

According to an Internet Website (, people whose name starts with the letter M are said to be extremely loyal, hardworking and security-conscious people. They are also dependable and quite practical in life. While most of the people love their representative initials or any particular letter or an alphabet, it would be quite humorous and entertaining to wear and display it publicly. Invented by Richard Eric Nemeth, the “Head mounted ‘M’ ” (US Patent Application No. US6834453B1) is actually a foam body made in the form of the letter “M” adapted to be self-securing onto the head of a person. Although hysteric as it may seem, however the “M” can be wore by a user to demonstrate support and encouragement to a sport’s team, a cafe, a person, etc. whose name starts with the letter ‘M’ in a stylish and iconic way.

Fig. The Head mounted “M”

The patent for this invention was granted in 2004.