TOP 3 Weird inventions this month ! - February 2022

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Historically, patents are not just abstract concepts, for they have played an invaluable and practical role in everyday life of the common masses, at large. By rewarding ideas, patents encourage the development of innovations and new technologies in every field. As pointed out by the WIPO, innovation knows no bounds and thus, a patent idea can only be limited by the human imagination ! Here is a record of the weirdest and the most transmogrifying patent ideas throughout the modern-day history.

Portable bath capsule

When it comes to showering regularly, the World gets divided into two halves – there are people who LOVE to shower, and there are people who HATE to shower. There is even a serious health condition called ablutophobia in which individuals have an irrational fear of bathing or washing. Invented by Frances Mignon Allen, the “Portable bath capsule” apparatus (Patent application number US3677263A) makes it possible to completely enclose a patient except for the head. This invention is used for administering bed baths and massage comprising an elongated sheath of flexible fluid tight material enclosing the patient except for the head and having means for admitting fluid to and drawing fluid from the capsule.

Fig. The Portable bath capsule developed by Frances Mignon Allen

As weird as it may seem, however this apparatus is extremely helpful for patients in hospitals and physically challenged individuals. The patent was awarded to in 1972 and it expired in 1989.

Haunting aid

Based on folklore, a ghost represents the soul or spirit of the dead that can appear in the physical world. It is sometimes called a spook, apparition, poltergeist, or spectre. The description of ghosts varies in shape, visibility, and lifelike visions. While most people fear ghosts and paranormal activities, it is a well established fact that humor and horror genres seamlessly mix together ! Invented by Frank Becking, the “Haunting aid” (US Patent Application No. US20050018451A1) is a face with glowing eyes that returns stares or blinks at onlookers. While it is made for entertainment purposes, the invention may even be useful in producing mass-hysteria. It may also find use for other festive occasions, with different effects.

Fig. The haunting aid invented by Frank Becking

The patent was however abandoned by Frank Becking after publication in 2005.

Flying house

Hurtling through the sky far faster than we’ve ever travelled on land, defying our fundamental human instincts as well as the laws of gravity, our – still relatively new – flair for flight is a curious phenomenon to say the least. Airplanes, Helicopters and even commercial space flights emerging in the near times – all of them provide an unmatchable experience for humans. However, the Flying house ( Patent Application No. CN202969984U) patented by Zheng Bo, is a real unthinkable fantasy that has actually been manifested through this invention. The flying house is capable of not only flying but also mitigating the shock. It enables a person to travel by flying as and when required and therefore a disaster like earthquake, and the like !

Fig. The flying house described by Zheng Bo

The patent for this invention was granted in 2013.