TOP 3 Weird inventions this month ! - December 2021

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Historically, patents are not just abstract concepts, for they have played an invaluable and practical role in everyday life of the common masses, at large. By rewarding ideas, patents encourage the development of innovations and new technologies in every field. As pointed by the WIPO, innovation knows no bounds and thus, a patent idea can only be limited by the human imagination ! Here is a record of the weirdest and the most transmogrifying patent ideas throughout the modern-day history.

Apparatus for simulating a “high five”

Someone once said that it should be required by law that high fives must be redone if the first one was not good enough! Invented by Albert Cohen, the “high five” apparatus (Patent application number US5356330A) is a pivotable, self-righting hand-arm configuration for simulating a “high five” when struck by the hand of a user. This invention allows a user to simulate a “high-five” in celebration of a positive event, thereby providing the user with a convenient outlet for the release of excitement. Surprisingly, the hand-arm configuration synergistically improves the hand-eye coordination of a user and/or, depending upon specific placement, provides an exercise device for enhancing the jumping skills of a user.

Fig. The "high five" apparatus developed by Albert Cohen

As weird as it may seem, however this apparatus can improve the leg strength and coordination of a user through practice. The patent was awarded to Albert Cohen in 1994 and it expired in 2013.

Collar apparatus enabling secure handling of a snake by tether

Over the years, pets have evolved from being a strange and wonderful distraction to an integral part of families all over the world. As comforting as the practice continues, however, more and more exotic animals are domesticated worldwide as pets. And the scariest and the weirdest of them would be – snakes as pets ! Statistical Data indicates that over 5,00,000 households in the United States alone are own a snake pet. Invented by Donald Robert Martin Boys, the “snake pet handling apparatus” (US Patent Application No. US6490999B1 ) is a collar for collaring a snake has an elongated collar section forming a physical collar when wrapped around the body portion of the snake. The apparatus enables the snake owners to collar, tether and safely release their snakes under control of the tether enabling the animal to move freely about without being handled in the hands-on sense and without fear of losing the animal

Fig. The snake collar apparatus invented by Donald Robert Martin Boys

The patent was awarded to Donald Robert Martin Boys in 2002 and it expired in 2021.

Double bicycle for looping the loop

A first bike is the childhood equivalent of a driver’s license, but those familiar, two-wheeled, pedal-powered machines (and the outdoor trails best for riding them) aren’t just for kids — bicycles transformed the nature of human mobility and are even a great way to get around in some cities. Upon that, there once existed a concept of “double-bicycles” ! Invented by Karl Lange, the double bicycle (US Patent Application No. US790063A) is a double bicycle for looping the loop for circus and other performances. The object of the invention was to provide a cycle by means of which a mutilated loop may be traversed, the performer springing, with the wheel, off the end of the loop, while head downward and running off onto a track leading out of the loop on the two upper wheels of the cycle head downwards.

Fig. The double wheel bicycle described by Karl Lange

He was granted a patent for his idea in 1905 and it expired in 1922.