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Trademark Search

Before applying for trademark it is very necessary to conduct a trademark search to identify potential conflicts that could arise with existing trademark applications or registered trademarks in the same trademark class. In order to avoid it is always recommended to conduct a “Trademark Search” as trademark searches are an integral part of trademark ownership.

While conducting trademark seaches ONE can identify trademarks identical to your own mark, confusingly similar trademarks that conflict with your own mark making it more difficult to spot.

It is very important to conduct a preliminary search prior to registration of a new mark is very important to know about potential infringements, as well as to be protected against potential revocation of your mark. If there are any pre-registered marks significantly similar to your own which may lead to the refusal of your mark’s registration.

It is very important to get a proper search conducted by a trademark attorney as an improperly conducted trademark search at the initial stage could mean that your latterly registered trademark is liable for revocation if the existence of a similar pre-existing mark comes to light significantly contributing to wastage of time and resources.

Thus companies must carry out trademark searches routinely or comprehensively.

Comprehensive Trademark Search

Compared to a preliminary search, a comprehensive trademark search is always considered better due to its wider scope.

We specialize in providing a comprehensive trademark search as we have access to a large database having various state trademarks, company names, publications and domain names. This helps in performing a detailed comparative study and in seeking legal advice about concerns that you may face later while registering your trademark.

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