Incredible India Series - All Geographical Indications (GIs) from Uttar Pradesh

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“Invaluable treasures of incredible India” – the official tagline for all the Geographical Indications (GI) of India, exactly manifests in an allegorical way, the rich diversity and invaluable heritage of this incredible land !

Governed by the Geographical Indications of Goods (Registration and Protection) Act, 1999 a Geographical Indication (GI) is a sign associating a product of a specific geographical origin, by virtue of which it possesses unique attributes and qualities which are distinctly inherent to that particular product.

Geographical Indications (GIs) are considered as elements of IPRs with respect to Articles 1 (2) and 10 of the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property. Further, Articles 22 to 24 of the Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) Agreement explicitly describe the nature, scope and ambit of the Geographical Indications to be adopted by the member states. India has adopted a sui generis system for the protection of geographical indications. As of 2021, a total of 417 products have been registered as GIs in India. Below is a review on all the registered GIs in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

Allahabad Surkha Guava

Allahabad Surkha Guava - known for its medical properties especially during the winter season

Application Number :- 50

Applicant Name :- Allahabad Surkha

Date of Filing :- 13/02/2006

Class :- 31

Goods :- Agriculture

The Allahabad Surkha Guava are a variety of guava having deep pink color in the interior instead of the typical white color and an apple red exterior skin. It is sweet, and strongly flavoured with few seeds and is slightly depressed at both ends. The plants are vigorous, dome shaped and compact.These guavas are cultivated across the Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh region in the northern belt of India.

Lucknow Chikan Craft

Fig. Lucknow Chikan Craft - a simple and affordable fabric choice

Application Number :- 119

Applicant Name :- Small Scale Industry & 3 others

Date of Filing :- 07/12/2007

Class :- 24, 25 & 26

Goods :- Handicraft

The Lucknow Chikan Craft with a legacy of over 400 years, has a firm presence in the Indian and global fashion arena. The technique of its creation is called Chikankari and its unique sensibility flaunts grace and elegance as subtly as the wearer pleases. The main essence of the garment is a simple design, and while motifs are now added to make the garment look rich, it still remains a simple and affordable fabric choice.

Mango Malihabadi Dusseheri

Fig. Mango Malihabadi Dusseheri - superior to most other varieties in terms of size, weight, sweetness and colour

Application Number :- 125

Applicant Name :- National Horticulture Board

Date of Filing :- 15/05/2008

Class :- 31

Goods :- Agriculture

The Mango Malihabadi Dusseheri is a mango variety grown extensively in the Malihabad of Lucknow district in Uttar Pradesh. The taste of Dusseheri can be attributed to the rich soil, climatic conditions and geographical advantages as well. This succulent mango has dark flesh with a mild flavour and is unbelievably delectable.

Banaras Brocades and Sarees

Fig. Banaras Brocades and Sarees - the skills and know-how are passed through generations in the families

Application Number :- 99

Applicant Name :- Banaras Bunkar Samiti, Sharma Katra

Date of Filing :- 04/07/2007

Class :- 23, 24, 25 & 26

Goods :- Handicraft

The Banaras Brocades and Sarees are made of finely woven silk and decorated with intricate designs using zari, making the sarees quite heavy. Their special characteristics are Mughal-inspired designs/elements such as intricate floral and foliate motifs, such as kalga and bel. Other features are gold work, compact weaving, figures with small details, metallic visual effects, “jali” (a net-like pattern) and “meena” work. These are woven on the conventional Banaras hand loom jacquard, sometimes with “jala”, “pagia” and “naka” attachments for the creation of motifs.

Hand made Carpet of Bhadohi

Fig. Hand made Carpet of Bhadohi - specialized, hand-knotted carpets

Application Number :- 148

Applicant Name :- All India Carpet Manufacturer Association

Date of Filing :- 02/12/2008

Class :- 27

Goods :- Handicraft

The Hand made Carpets of Bhadohi are manufactured on a vertical wooden loom with thick cotton and woollen yarns used in the warp ends and the wool used in the width direction. Designs depicting flowers, animals, gardens, trees and trellises are used in various hues and ways to liven up these floor coverings.

Agra Durrie

Fig. Agra Durrie - provides employment opportunities for thousands of people

Application Number :- 233

Applicant Name :- Gramin Hatkala Vikas Samiti

Date of Filing :- 01/04/2011

Class :- 27

Goods :- Handicraft

The Agra Durrie is a flat-woven pileless rug in a variety of designs and colours. It may have simple stripes running from end to end or rectilinear sections or simple patterns in single colour or multi-colour. It is exclusively produced in Agra, hand-woven by skilled craftspeople with each one being unique.

Farrukhabad Prints

Fig. Farrukhabad Prints - characterized by the ‘tree of life’ motif of Farrukhabad

Application Number :- 234

Applicant Name :- Vastra Chapai Udyog Samiti

Date of Filing :- 01/04/2011

Class :- 24 & 25

Goods :- Handicraft

The Farrukhabad Prints are characterized by the ‘tree of life’ motif of Farrukhabad stamped on cloth and silk. Myriad designs and patterns like buttis, paisley, flowers, animals, birds and different variations of the ‘tree of life’ in vibrant colours are harmoniously arranged to create a beautiful composition on the fabric that is testimony to the exemplary skill and craftsmanship of the artisans of Farrukhabad.

Lucknow Zardozi

Fig. Lucknow Zardozi - has been in existence in India from the time of the Rig Veda

Application Number :- 236

Applicant Name :- Kalatmak Hastshilp Self Help Group Foundation

Date of Filing :- 01/04/2011

Class :- 26

Goods :- Handicraft

Manufactured in areas of Lucknow and six surrounding districts of Barabanki, Unnao, Sitapur, Rae Bareli, Hardoi and Amethi, the Lucknow Zardozi has more ornate and heavy designs, with a 3D quality to their motifs. The raw material to make original Lucknow Zardozi threads is an alloy of gold and silver.

Kalanamak Rice

Fig. Kalanamak Rice - has been in cultivation since the Buddhist period (600 BC)

Application Number :- 205

Applicant Name :- Kalanamak Scented Paddy Production & Conservation Society

Date of Filing :- 25/03/2010

Class :- 30

Goods :- Agriculture

One of the finest quality scented rice varieties in India, the Kalanamak Rice is known as the scented black pearl of Uttar Pradesh. It was featured in the book ‘Speciality rices of the World’ by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

Firozabad Glass

Fig. Firozabad Glass - renowned globally for its superior quality

Application Number :- 155

Applicant Name :- The Glass Industries Syndicate

Date of Filing :- 09/02/2009

Class :- 9,11 & 21

Goods :- Handicraft

The Firozabad Glass is an artistic glassware in different colours and shades used in chandeliers and other items. About four hundred glass industries are registered in Firozabad, making different types of Firozabad Glass products using natural gas instead of coal.

Kannauj Perfume

Fig. Kannauj Perfume - a natural perfume, free of alcohol and chemical ingredients

Application Number :- 157

Applicant Name :- The Attar and Perfumers Association

Date of Filing :- 09/02/2009

Class :- 3

Goods :- Manufactured

The Kannauj Perfume (also known as Kannauj Attar), is a traditional Indian perfume manufactured in Kannauj, in the Uttar Pradesh state, India. Due to the key role of perfume production in Kannauj, the city is known as “the perfume capital of India”. The manufacturing skills for making the Kannauj Perfume have been passed through generations for over 300 years.

Kanpur Saddlery

Fig. Kanpur Saddlery - pollution-free and does not harm the environment

Application Number :- 159

Applicant Name :- Harness and Saddlery Exporters Association

Date of Filing :- 09/02/2009

Class :- 18

Goods :- Handicraft

The superior quality and pristine finish of the Kanpur Saddlery goods made in Kanpur has made it the hub for saddlery products not only in India but also in Asia. More than 300 products and over 5000 products exclusively for horsemen are made here. The saddlery industry comprises products such as the saddle, stirrups, bridles, straps, shoes and whips.

Moradabad Metal Craft

Fig. Moradabad Metal Craft - a beautifully carved, fine and delicate art

Application Number :- 162

Applicant Name :- Export Commissioner, Uttar Pradesh Government Export Promotion Bureau

Date of Filing :- 09/02/2009

Class :- 6

Goods :- Handicraft

The Moradabad Metal Craft brassware industry bloomed in the early 19th century and the British took the art to foreign markets. Moradabad Metal Craft is a fine and a delicate art. This craft shows the traces of Islamic culture. There are many sharp tools used in the process of tracing the design onto the brass, silver and copper.

Saharanpur Wood Craft

Fig. Saharanpur Wood Craft - a characteristic of Indo-Islamic-Persian style

Application Number :- 184

Applicant Name :- Wood Craft Design and Development Society

Date of Filing :- 17/08/2009

Class :- 20

Goods :- Handicraft

The Saharanpur Wood Craft is generally made from Sheesham wood, though teak, rosewood, walnut, and mango are also used. Designs are first made on paper and transferred onto the wood using ink. The wood carving units are mainly located in the urban areas of Saharanpur town. Most of the industries are located within the range of 15 Km area of Saharanpur town.

Meerut Scissors

Fig. Meerut Scissors - popularly known for its sharpness

Application Number :- 389

Applicant Name :- Meerut Scissor Manufacturers Special Purpose Vehicle

Date of Filing :- 12/12/2012

Class :- 8

Goods :- Manufactured

A noteworthy speciality of the Meerut Scissors is unlike most other scissors, these scissors can be repaired and reused many times. A popular idiom “Dada le, potaa barte” (bought by the grandfather, and still used by grandson”) floats in meerut and stands as a testimony to its quality and durability. The other unique feature is they are made of carbon steel blades sourced from metal scrap of junk buses, cars trucks and railways and are made completely manually. While men make the scissors, women add their share of the efforts by performing tasks that require handwork and pack the products.

Khurja Pottery

Fig. Khurja Pottery - one of the oldest centers for glazed pottery in India

Application Number :- 178

Applicant Name :- Khurja Pottery Manufacturers Association

Date of Filing :- 06/07/2009

Class :- 9,11 &21

Goods :- Handicraft

The Khurja Pottery boasts of a variety of tea-sets, crockery, and ceramic tile works. Among the most popular glazed pottery forms, the process involves a range of labour-intensive tasks such as clay churning, moulding, colouring, followed by glazing. The baked clay pottery is said to have come to India with Taimur Lung as he passed through Khurja alongwith potters from Egypt and Syria during an easterly campaign over 500 years ago.

Banaras Gulabi Meenakari Craft

Fig. Banaras Gulabi Meenakari Craft - characterized by pink strokes on white enamel

Application Number :- 397

Applicant Name :- Sahbhagi Welfare Samittee

Date of Filing :- 24/01/2013

Class :- 27

Goods :- Handicraft

The Banaras Gulabi Meenakari Craft is one of the rarest crafts in India that is practiced in the bylanes of Varanasi, near Gai Ghat. Minakari is an art form from Persia and involves colouring the surface of metals by fusing different colours. This art was brought to the city of Varanasi by Persian enamellists during the Mughal era around the early 17th century.

Varanasi Wooden Lacquer Ware & Toys

Fig. Varanasi Wooden Lacquer Ware & Toys - characterized by bright paints usually applied in primary colours

Application Number :- 457

Applicant Name :- Balaji Handicrafts Cooperative Society Limited, (2) Khilauna Udyog Sahkari Samiti Limited

Date of Filing :- 31/10/2013

Class :- 27

Goods :- Handicraft

The Varanasi Wooden Lacquer Ware & Toys uses wood that is locally sourced like mahua, mango, ecualyptus, kemah, chilbil and haldu. The themes that are very popular are wooden utensils, spinning tops, birds and animals, butterflies and complete sets of orchestras and dance ensembles as well as dolls of all shapes and sizes with sets of furniture according to their sizes. These beautiful toys also depict social life, rural activities, religious inferences as well as traditional Indian motifs and culture.

Mirzapur Handmade Dari

Fig. Mirzapur Handmade Dari - continued since the Mughal era

Application Number :- 458

Applicant Name :- Pooja Handloom Silk Utpadan Sahkari Samiti Limited

Date of Filing :- 31/10/2013

Class :- 27

Goods :- Handicraft

The Mirzapur Handmade Dari is made of twisted cotton thread along with jute twine to give the rougher quality of carpet with about 60 knots per square inch. The whole process of Mirzapur handmade dari is labour intensive, export-oriented and provides employment to men and women who can work at their homes. The high quality of workmanship and mix of traditional and contemporary designs is achieved through the panja dari weaving technique.

Nizamabad Black Pottery

Fig. Nizamabad Black Pottery - known for its dark shiny body with engraved silver patterns

Application Number :- 459

Applicant Name :- Yuva Jagriti Pottery Shilp Samiti

Date of Filing :- 31/10/2013

Class :- 27

Goods :- Handicraft

The Nizamabad Black Pottery in Azamgarh district of Uttar Pradesh, India is a unique type of clay pottery known for its dark shiny body with engraved silver patterns. The variety of household and decorative items are made including vases, plates, pots, lamps, tea-pots, bowls, vessels, incense stick holders and statues of Hindu religious figures. Surahi, a long-necked water pot, is a popular item.


Fig. Basmati - India exports a major quantity of basmati rice to Saudi Arabia, Iran, United Arab Emirates, Iraq and Kuwait

Application Number :- 145

Applicant Name :- The Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA)

Date of Filing :- 26/11/2008

Class :- 30

Goods :- Agricultural

The Basmati GI tag is issued to basmati rice variety grown in 7 states in the Indo-Gangetic Plains (IGP) on the foothills of the Himalayas. These states are Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, parts of Uttar Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir. Basmati Rice is special long grain aromatic rice grown in a particular Indo-Gangetic Plains geographical region of the Indian sub-continent. Historically it is being produced in undivided India from long time and with a recorded history of over 200 years.

Benaras Metal Repouse Craft

Fig. Benaras Metal Repouse Craft - has flourished in the heritage city of Varanasi since the Vedic times

Application Number :- 398

Applicant Name :- The Banaras Metal Craft Development Society

Date of Filing :- 24/01/2013

Class :- 27

Goods :- Handicraft

The Benaras Metal Repouse Craft is a prominent woven carpet that is hand-knotted. This type of carpet is manufactured on a vertical wooden loom. Thick cotton and woollen yarns are used in the warp ends while wool is used in the width direction. These looms are equipped with a double layer of warp ends, separator rods and platforms. Designs depicting flowers, animals, gardens, trees and trellises are used in various hues and ways to liven up these floor coverings.

Varanasi Glass Beads

Fig. Varanasi Glass Beads - evidence suggests that this art of bead making dates back to the late-Harappan period

Application Number :- 177

Applicant Name :- Varanasi Glass Beads Manufacturers’ Association

Date of Filing :- 06/07/2009

Class :- 21

Goods :- Handicraft

The Varanasi Glass Beads are entirely hand crafted and no two glass beads are identical though they have striking similarities. The main types of glass beads made in Varanasi are single colour crystal beads, painted, transparent, opaque, animal shaped, dotted, Venetian, Millefiori, Kashmiri, Murano glass, ceramic, silver foil, prayer, fancy chip flower beads and others.

Ghazipur Wall Hanging

Fig. Ghazipur Wall Hanging - does not use any form of electricity in the product making process

Application Number :- 555

Applicant Name :- Nisha Craft Vikas Samiti

Date of Filing :- 25/07/2016

Class :- 27

Goods :- Handicraft

The Ghazipur Wall Hanging is renowned for its innovative designs, weaving and craftsmanship. This craft is practised in villages of Ghazipur, Mirzapur, Varanasi and Chandauli, with more than 3000 families engaged in this centuries-old art. The artisans use an ancient Banaras weaving technique called naka jala taka to create these unusual designs that are known for their naturalistic appeal and stylistic presentation. Hindu Gods and Goddesses, forests, birds, animals and houses are created using jute, cotton, silk and fabric.

Varanasi Soft Stone Jali Work

Fig. Varanasi Soft Stone Jali Work - characterized by small size and intricate work

Application Number :- 556

Applicant Name :- Banaras Handicraft Development Society

Date of Filing :- 25/07/2016

Class :- 27

Goods :- Handicraft

The Varanasi Soft Stone Jali Work is an auspicious craft of Varanasi and is famous for creating designs with the natural veins of the stone. These stones are made without any joints. It is obviously an ancient craft called soft stone craft. It epitomizes both high skill and superior quality of craftsmanship. Delicately chiseled and decorated with inlay work these elaborately carved jalis demand time in their making along with the skill and creativity of the masters.

Chunar Balua Patthar

Fig. Chunar Balua Patthar - reddish or buff-colored, finely grained, and a hard sandstone

Application Number :- 557

Applicant Name :- Consortium of Handicraft & Artisans Society

Date of Filing :- 25/07/2016

Class :- 19

Goods :- Natural Goods

The Chunar Balua Patthar is found in Mirzapur, Chandauli and Sonbhadra districts of Uttar Pradesh. The uniqueness of this sandstone is that its sheen never dies. It has been used in the Ashokan Pillar and Lion Capital at ASI museum of Sarnath.

Gorakhpur Terracotta

Fig. Gorakhpur Terracotta - a centuries old, ancient art form

Application Number :- 619

Applicant Name :- Laxmi Terracotta Murtikala Kendra represented by its Mr. Laxmi Chand Prajapati, President

Date of Filing :- 10/09/2018

Class :- 27

Goods :- Handicraft

The Gorakhpur Terracotta is made from special soil found in the Bhathat area of Uttar Pradesh’s Gorakhpur district. It includes various structures like bells, vases, Ganeshas, tables, elephants, deer, horses, bullock carts, horse carts, lamps and chandeliers.