TOP 3 Weird inventions this month ! - November 2021

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Historically, patents are not just abstract concepts, for they have played an invaluable and practical role in everyday life of the common masses, at large. By rewarding ideas, patents encourage the development of innovations and new technologies in every field. As pointed by the WIPO, innovation knows no bounds and thus, a patent idea can only be limited by the human imagination ! Here is a record of the weirdest and the most transmogrifying patent ideas throughout the modern-day history.

Anti-eating face mask

Getting fat is the creepiest dreams of most of the people, and a huge cause for depression, especially among the younger generation. However, a weird but effective idea was developed by Lucy L. Barmby, who built a device that can prevent the consumption of food by the user and therefore an solve the overweight problem. In her Patent application number US4344424A, she described an anti-eating face mask which included a cup-shaped member conforming to the shape of the mouth and chin area of the user, together with a hoop member and straps detachably engageable with a user’s head for mounting the cup-shaped member in overlying relationship with the user’s mouth and chin area under the nose thereby preventing the ingestion of food by the user.

Fig. The Anti-eating face mask described by Lucy L. Barmby

As weird as it may seem, however this device can be suitably configured to prevent the smoking of cigarettes, as well. The patent was awarded to Lucy in 1982 and it expired in 2000.

Saluting Device

Good manners and etiquettes are the first things to be taught in all the schools around the globe so as to inculcate the values of discipline and mannerism in the younger generation. James C. Boyle built an invention to help users to practice good etiquette and manners by making them to salute regularly. In his Patent application number US556248A, he described a device inside the hat that would automatically lift and rotate the hat when the user wished to greet, or salute, someone.

Fig. The saluting device described by James C. Boyle

The patent was awarded to James in 1896 and it expired in 1913.

Eye-protector for chickens

Sun glasses and goggles are epitomes of fashion since their invention sometime in the 12th century China. However, Andrew Jackson Jr came up with a weird idea of protecting eyes of chicken and hens. In his Patent Application Number US730918A, he described an eye-protector for chickens designed for the fowls, so that they may be protected from other fowls that might attempt to peck them.

Fig. The Eye-protector for chickens described by Andrew Jackson Jr

He was granted a patent for his idea in 1902 and it expired in 1920.