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IPR Studio have Patent Attorneys  fully acquainted with the legalities of patent filing procedures in India and have experience in successfully handling patent filing in India


An invention after being acquired and a patent has been obtained, there still exists a scope of refinement and changes which can be made to such an invention. Such recasting can take place to improve an invention in the ordinary process or as an result of feedback received from the market or from the industry. If such a scenario occurs, the invention has already been safeguarded by a patent, and through the “Patent of Addition” the modifications or alterations to the original knitted patent/process patent can be safeguarded in India.

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PCT Patent Application


IPR Studio have Patent Attorneys fully acquainted with the legalities of PCT Patent Procedures 

Safeguarding an invention or protection of patents is considered as a dire need among various research institutions, companies & universities.

Patent can solely be protected when it is jurisdiction-specific, hence it can only be safeguarded for the country where it has been filed. Through the international application of patent, the applicant can avail patent protection based upon the priority date of preliminary application in other countries and jurisdictions as well. Hence, there lies a need for international patent protection. There are two options for international patent protection-

1. PCT Application (Patent Cooperation Treaty)

2. Convention Patent Application or Paris Convention.

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Trademark Opposition


IPR Studio have trademark attorneys having extensive experience in tackling trademark Oppositions 

A ‘Trademark opposition’ means an objection filed by third parties, against registration of a trademark within 4 months of the advertisement of the trademark to be opposed. This includes any mark which may be identified with an already registered trademark or that have become customary in the practice of trade.

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Trademark Infringement: Case Study

Louis Vuitton v. Louis Vuitton dak

This case law is one of an ideal case study to study the concept of a trademark infringement as it entails a High-end luxury leather brand based in Paris which filed an infringement suit against South Korean fried chicken restaurant named Louis Vuiton Dak.

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How do I check a trademark name? When can you use the TM symbol? What are the three types of trademarks? What is trademark in simple words?

FAQs On Trademark


Frequently asked questions for Trademarks

Ques 1: What is a Trademark?

Ans: A Trademark is an Intellectual Property asset obtained for certain names, recognizable sign, symbols, designs, devices, or words or expression associated with the company’s corporate, product brand and identity. A trademark is a sign capable of distinguishing the goods or services of one enterprise from its competing enterprises. Trademarks used to identify services are usually called service marks.

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Patent Searches

free patent search us patent search by number us patent search by keyword patent search and patent database world patent search how to do a patent search yourself provisional patent search european patent search Page navigation

Patent search is a search involving research to data mine the patent and non-patent literature helping the inventor to know about the existing technology before applying for his own “Patent Application”.

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For national or international IP protection applicants MUST determine whether their creation is new and novel or similar to a creation owned/claimed by someone else. In order to determine this thorough research is conducted.

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